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Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are increasingly becoming an integral part of corporate branding and sales strategies. We specialize in helping businesses increase sales, enhance market awareness, and project a powerful message to their customers. Superior Video Productions partners with our clients to produce marketing videos that compel viewers to listen, watch, think, feel, buy, support and become customers.

We breathe life into our clients’ messages through scriptwriting, casting, filming, editing, animation, voice-over and music services. Turning channel surfers into buyers is the product of a great commercial. It all starts with an initial consultation to discuss your goals and objectives, and then our qualified team of professionals get to work. We take a look at your product or service, your branding, your customer base and who you want to attract, and present you with options to meet those needs…within your budget.

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We work with an expansive range of clients on commercial, sales and marketing videos for:

  • Conference and trade shows

  • DVD brochures

  • Web videos

  • Product unveiling

  • Capital Campaigns

Depending on the scope of the project, we write a script, audition talent, hire the director and storyboard the production. We discuss the options of shooting on film or on videotape, and can provide animation when necessary. We can bring in voice-over talent and provide both original and library music.